as Regs, Inc., established in 1994, is a Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs consulting firm dedicated to assist companies who manufacture, fill, distribute and/or use medical or food grade gases, with their quality and FDA regulatory compliance activities. Gas Regs, Inc.also assists firms manufacturing compressed gas containers or equipment using medical gases with quality and FDA activities.

as Regs, Inc., assists medical gas and equipment firms with understanding agency regulations and technical standards. It assists firms with activities related to federal and state agency inspections, limiting the potential for regulatory actions. If regulatory action (e.g., seizure, injunction) has been taken against a firm Gas Regs, Inc., through its own activities and its network with major food and drug law firms, provide assistance with Consent Decree development and provide assessment and certification that may be required by a decree.

as Regs, Inc., conducts regulatory and quality related training programs that can be tailored to your firm's specific operations and needs. Gas Regs, Inc also performs assessments of a firm's procedures, paperwork and actual practices to evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

as Regs, Inc.'s, clients include national, regional, and single site home care companies; international, national and regional industrial gas firms (e.g., air liquefaction, bulk gas manufacturing, and container filling operations); regional and single site cylinder filling operations, as well as medical gas container and equipment manufacturers.

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